How To Shave Your Head? Try These 5 Best Tools For Smooth Shave

How To Shave Your Head?

The shaved head hairstyle is a look that people adopt for many reasons. Some are tired of having long hair and just want a change of pace, while others may be losing their hair and want a style that makes the head look even again. Whatever the reason, the hairstyle is a bold look that shows just how confident and comfortable a person is with their scalp. Anyone willing to give the bald style a chance can do it with the right tools and techniques.

Here are some methods for shaving a head and the tools needed to accomplish the task.

There are a couple of ways to shave a head bald. The first method that people usually think of is shaving the head with a razor. A sharp razor, when used with a shaving cream, will cut the hairs extremely close to creating a smooth scalp.

  • The trick to shaving the hair correctly with the razor is to first cut the hair down to a more comfortable level that makes the process easier. A razor will have a more difficult time trying to guide through hair that is longer than 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch.
  • If cutting is made more difficult, then the shave will be uneven in areas, and more passes will be needed to completely shave the head, which can result in irritation. The feeling of an itchy head with razor burn can be quite uncomfortable, but it can be easily avoided by shaving properly.
  • Once the head has been trimmed to the appropriate length with the clippers, the head should be prepped for shaving by making it moist, and the best way to do this is with a shower. A hot shower is a perfect chance to give the head one last cleanse and make the hair soft for shaving.
  • Once the scalp is clean, shaving oil or cream should be applied to the head and left to sit. The oil or cream will make the hair follicles even softer. To prevent dry skin and clogged pores, shaving gels with menthol as a base should be avoided.

As far as razor options for shaving, people generally choose a regular three-blade razor, a straight razor, a safety razor, or sometimes something a little more unconventional, like a HeadBlade ATX. The three blade razor is pretty common because of how easy it is to use.

  • This razor is what most people will use to shave their beard and mustache hairs. Those who are more skilled at shaving will choose the straight or safety razor while taking their time to get the closest cut. The blades of these two devices are sharper than the three-blade razor. Straight razors are sharpened, and honed and straightened with a strop for impressive cuts. The HeadBlade ATX shaves in a similar manner to the three blade or safety razor but uses wheels to guide the razor along the shape of the head.
  • Shaving begins once the razor is gently pressed on the scalp and pulled along with the grain of the hair. It is possible to shave against the flow of the grain and get a shave that is closer than going with it, but the problem of irritation also comes with it, along with in-grown hairs, which are likely to occur when shaving curly hair.
  • The hairs on the back of the head are thicker, so this area should be shaved last so the cream or oil can take a little more time to soften the hair. Keeping the skin taught through angling will provide the most benefit when shaving, along with side motions if hair is missed.
  • Once all the hair is gone, cool water should be applied to close the pores. The head is then patted dry using a towel and an aftershave balm is applied to keep irritation and clogged pores to a minimum.
  • A balm free of alcohol is preferred because it works well with sensitive skin. A daily application of sun-protecting moisturizer keeps the head moist. The hair will grow back, so shaving will have to be done again at least three days from the initial shaving.

While the razor is a tried and true method of shaving a head, it isn’t the only way. Electric razors can cut hair closer than ever before, allowing people to get a bald look without going through much of the same process. Electric razors can be used in conjunction with manual razors, but these machines are more than capable of getting the job done on their own. Some of these electric razors cut with the aid of shaving cream, and some cut while completely dry.

Out of the wet electric shavers, the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle shaver is a good option. This razor was created to work dry and wet, but it truly excels when used wet.

The razor has five rotary cutters arranged on one head that cut the hair when it is moved around the scalp in a circular motion.

Prepping the head for a wet shave with this electric razor is the same as prepping for one with a manual razor, with a cleansing shower and application of shaving oil or cream.

Due to the efficiency and precision of the Bald Eagle, the head is shaved while cuts and nicks are minimized.

On the dry side of electric shaving, three options do a particularly great job of getting a close shave. Remington makes the HC4250 razor that includes combs for getting the hair down to comfortable lengths before shaving it away completely.

The close cut of this razor is attributed to blades made of stainless steel. The movement of the blades causes the cut when hair moves across the teeth of them.

Although it is a dry shaver, it can be cleaned with a bit of water.

The 8061-100 by Wahl is an electric razor with a classic design, harking back to the old days of electric razor technology.

While it has an old look, it cuts like a modern marvel, as it uses foil blades rather than teeth blades for shaving. The foil is hypoallergenic, which is especially wonderful for those who have sensitive skin.

As with any razor, once the hair has been trimmed low enough, this electric razor can cut through it all and create a close shave on the scalp.

Another dry electric option by Wahl is the Balding Clipper. This clipper goes with the steel blades with teeth option for cutting, but it noticeably sharper than the average razor, and its motor cuts at double the speed.

The clipper is pretty much an all in one option, allowing for shorter hair before the shave and a close cut while actually shaving. The clipper can even cut closer than some traditional razor blades.

Since the blades of the Balding Clipper are so sharp, it is suggested that extreme care should be taken when using them. This option is more of a tool for professionals but those confident enough in their skills and ability to cut safely can benefit from using it.


A shaved head may not be for everyone, but for those who are brave enough to go through with it, they are rewarded with a perfectly smooth head. The wet and dry shaving options have their own perks, but they both provide the desired result. Just by taking care when shaving, the electric and manual shaving tools will create a style that not only looks good but also feels good, especially when the weather is warm. Grab your selected one on