5 Ways How To Stop Beard Itch

How To Stop Beard Itch

As you begin to cultivate your manly mass of mane you will invariably see some changes in your life. It begins with a view of a new man in the mirror and continues to those special glances you get from your girlfriend. But, it’s not all elation and mirror-admiration, the truth is a beard can begin to ‘itch’ the more luxurious the mass of manliness the direr the urge to rake your claws across your jawline. Suddenly, this new look is becoming more than you bargained for.

Naturally, you can’t go around scratching your beard all day. In addition to increasing the rate of falling hairs and diminishing your beard’s dimensional quality, it can cause an observer to wonder about the flora and fauna you may be hosting in your scruffy jaw locks.

But, when the itching gets unbearable, the tough get smart. Something your girlfriend and most spectators will never understand is that 90% of a successful beard is simply keeping up with proper grooming and maintenance that keeps it from getting uncomfortable. It all begins with an understanding of why your beard feels the way it does and how you can soothe your skin.

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right spot. This tome of worldly wisdom will provide you with the ultimate “How To” to sporting a stately beard that causes no troubles. It is good to know that all of the discomforts will soon pass and can be controlled with proper consideration for your face friend.


The beard will begin to cause discomfort for a number of reasons. First of all, a new beard is growing on soft virgin skin that has never seen the chafe of rough stubble. Then along come these thick wiry hairs with bladed edges “caused by years of careful shaving” and begin dragging themselves across soft skin. This minor irritation leads to mild scratching, but soon minuscule lesions are strewn across the face and these lead to dryness and the problem is exacerbated.

Once dryness sets in, your upper skin cells crack and break and when their rougher edges collide with softer skin, the itching is experienced full swing. Beards that are not washed out well or contain particles of soap scum, bits of breakfast and dust from the environment can reach insanity level itchiness.

But, as you can see from taking a look at the issues that cause this discomfort, the solutions are readily available.



If you are going through the itchy stages of cultivating a beard and wish to keep your whiskers free from skin irritation, patchiness, and dandruff, Medicine Man’s Itchy Beard Itchy Wash is the solution for you.

It is 100% natural and organic product and specifically helps you to stop beard itch; leaves beard soft, clean & manageable.

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Enjoy a great smelling, rosemary and lavender infused, anti-itch natural solution for your beard hair. Just take out one or two pumps on your palm and lather on your beard hair.

This product is completely natural and animal cruelty-free and contains no alcohol as well. It is cold-pressed with Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, and Chamomile oil. This herbal mixture allows you to restore, protect, and bring your whiskers back to life.

  • Suitable for Vegans

  • No additives, GMO or parabens

  • Comes with a large pack that can last for 3 months

  • Non-greasy and quick absorbent

  • Reduces itchiness & dryness

  • Suits every men’s needs at all stages of beard growth

A few more advantages of this oil are: glorious shine, reduces painful irritations, moisturize, treats split ends, promotes healthy beard growth, eliminate nasty flakes, de-tangle hairs, and a lot more. It comes with a set of premium oil (60ML/2.4 OZ) Beard oil and a wooden Beard Comb (free of cost), particularly crafted for a perfect beard grooming.

A 100% natural formula made up of finest organic oils & extracts to give you an instant relief from itching. It absorbs quickly and offers you a premium beard care while preventing split ends.

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    • Beard Conditioning Oil

    • Pure Equilibrium as it contains Jojoba Oil

    • Leave-in Conditioner 1 fl oz

The product is packed in a small bottle (topped with a dropper), allowing you to dispense beard oil for an easy application. It allows you to grow your beard healthier and thicker.

This product nourishes your beard and allows you to soften the scruff while keeping up your rugged side. The key ingredients of this beard oil help to hydrate, soothe, and stop itching. It provides you with a prevention of ingrown hair and pore clogging.

  • Made with all premium natural oils (Argan, Jojoba, and grapeseed)

  • A perfect blend of 7 scents (Orange Cedarwood, Citrus Musk, Bay Rum, Incognito(Unscented), Amber Sandalwood, Bamboo Teak, and Tobacco Vanilla)

  • No GMO’s and parabens

  • Prevents beardruff, split ends while nourishing dry & scratchy facial hair

Best-suited when used aftershave as it prevents razor burn and ingrown hair.

All natural beard balm leave – in conditioner, basically crafted in the USA to soften coarse and rogue hair.

  • Stops itch and eradicate beardruff

  • Build with the finest organic ingredients

  • Help Repair, Soften, Condition dry splitting hair, and allow new growth.

It holds the assets of Virgin Argan, Grapeseed, Avocado, Virgin Pumpkin Seed, Apricot Kernal Oils, Nut Butters (like Shea, Cocoa, Aloe, Kokum etc.), and Hair Enhancing Essential Oils.

In addition to the above mentioned products, read the following points to help you eradicate hurdles of a beard itch:


Keep Beard Clean

No matter how dire the conditions of your beard it can be salvaged. As the essential grill of the face, your beard is going to be exposed to unusually high levels of contaminants that can irritate the skin and spread dryness. It is unavoidable for the beard to collect particles of all sorts but dead skin cells will be the most important thing wash out when first cultivating your beard.

Beard Bathing 101

Here is the ultimate test in hitting the mark and another symbol of masculine precision. If you rarely wash your beard, you threaten its stately grandeur and make it susceptible to balding and discomfort. If you wash it too frequently, it will lose the essential oils that are needed to maintain optimal quality.

So, How Often? – No two beards are alike. Much of the answer to this question will depend on the individual, their daily habits, ambient humidity levels, direction of the wind, last Spaghetti dinner, pH levels of the water, position of the stars and so forth, basically, you will need to set this date for yourself according to what you learn from your experiences.

  • Be Gentle but Generous Apply a generous amount of shampoos designed especially for beards, as the hair here is different from that up top. Take the time to work your fingertips in deep and massage the skin. This will loosen up those dead skin cells and reduce itching. Keeping your skin properly hydrated is another good way to reduce the itch.

  • Rinse Well After washing your beard with soap, and sometimes instead of washing it out with soap, you will need to rinse out your beard well to eliminate any foreign contaminants from your mane. Wash your beard in all directions to ensure all vestiges of soap, scum, skin and such are gone.

  • Dry Well Refine your drying technique with a softer face cloth, Water that remains in the beard can cause skin irritations and more itching. Make sure as much moisture as possible is removed from the beard before continuing.


Beard Conditioner & Moisturizer

A proper conditioner is another good way to protect yourself from the itch. A good conditioner can also keep the hairs softer and the skin supple. While you can use the same stuff your girlfriend uses for her hair, you can also consider some beard specific options with a more appropriate scent and some beneficial properties as well. This way you avoid split ends, protect and moisturize and don’t feature a clash of smells in your aromatic profile.


If you live in an arid environment, spend many hours in a dry air-conditioned office, or even spend all day in the outdoors exposed to the elements, a moisturizer can provide you with enduring hydration. Beard balms and oils are as fun and refreshing to smell as they are to apply in your daily hygiene and body care regimen. This also keeps the skin below smooth and irritation-free.

There a great many varieties of beard ointments available and each is worth considering for their unique benefits. Waxes and oils not only add to the health and volume of the beard they also play an important role in keeping your skin free from discomforts in any closed space, they also smell terrific.


Beard Trimming

It all begins the same, and it really has to, but you can’t allow your beard to grow out without restraint forever. But, if you are going for a beard to match your ZZ Top fanaticism you can expect beard itch to be a big part of the experience. But, what a beast you must be! For those looking for a more sustainable plan, trimming the beard keeps your mane comfortable and adds the important dimension. The right trimming job can make a beard that would otherwise appear scant and naked, look fuller and more prominent. Much of the final look depends on the way the ends have been shaped.

With this in mind, arm yourself with a convenient set of sheers and salves for styling your beard just right. If you use your garden shears, or regular all-purpose scissors to handle this task, you run the risk of split ends, injured follicles, and ingrown hairs, not a pretty sight! Electric razors are another option for an effective and easy to apply shaping.


Brushing For Healthy Hair

Brushing the hair has many health benefits that nourish the strands and improve the quality of the beard as a whole. Brushing spreads, the oils across your beard evenly. Preserving the natural levels of these oils is the ultimate goal of your beard maintenance efforts. You will never want to apply too much attention, beard products or soaps to your beard if this delicate balance will be disrupted.

Brushing your beard also helps to train it in a specific direction form and style. The more regularly you brush the better. But, you can’t use your regular hair brush for a beard; these brushes are made for addressing the health conditions of hairs at different lengths and compositions.

Find a brush made of boar’s hairspecially designed for a beards hair depth. This will perform a better job and the results will be noticeable in smoother skin, a fuller beard and no irritating beard itch.Grab your all beard care products from Beardcareshop.com.