Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut & Beard Trimmer
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Price

As its name says – we reviewed a hair grooming product which wears the “indestructible” moniker in its name. The HC5855 – hair and beard trimmer from Remington certainly looks the part. Without going into more detail about whether such durability is necessary for an everyday use we were pleased with the overall look of the product.

Remington is a well established company with a lot of professional and home use products under its belt. It needs no introduction and most buyers opt for them based on their previous good experience with the quality of all the products that they make. So how does this one perform? Let’s find out.


We’ve definitely noticed a rugged and a more premium finish of the 5855 trimmer model and wish that other manufacturers paid as much attention to small details as Remington did. Remington uses a system they named POWERCUT in order to make an ideal haircut each and every time.

During our testing of the unit, we found it to certainly work as advertised. There are other features that you won’t find on any other competitor’s hair trimmers. For instance, Remington uses a super magnet motor which has more than enough power to go through any type of hair or beard. No matter the length or thickness. This is possible thanks to the precision-made ground blades which enable smooth hair trimming and cutting. All of this makes an especially nice feature set which comes handy for some daily beard trimming.

The toughness part comes from a virtually indestructible polycarbonate casing, hardened rubber grip and a sturdy 8-foot long cord. Plus, there is a lifetime warranty included. Talk about confidence about the quality of a product. Remington certainly has a well-deserved reputation to back it up.

The complete package is well rounded. Besides the trimmer, itself, you get 8 guide combs, blade guard, barber scissors, oil bottle, barber cape and a cleaning brush out of the box. A well-packed grooming kit indeed.


We experienced minor annoyances during our time with this trimmer and feel they should be pointed out since they can bother other users too. First of all, this model is only limited to an 110 Volt power outlets. This limits its travel functionality quite a bit. Also, during close shaving sessions, we found the blade head tends to get really hot which didn’t affect us although it can affect those of you with a more sensitive skin. Finally, the nonexistent blade head adjustments might also bother some as well as an increased need of regular blade head cleaning maintenance.


For those who are looking one of the most durable and most powerful hair and beard trimmer on the market – you have found the right one. Remington has a winner on their hands and sure made a product that stands out from the rest of the competition. Packed with plenty of neat accessories and priced at around 30 USD this makes it one of the best high-performance grooming kits available on the market. This trimmer is a fine choice for both professional and home users.

Remington HC5855 Beard Trimmer package
Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut & Beard Trimmer
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Price


  • Durable and premium quality finish
  • Powerful magnet motors
  • Precision Ground blades that mow down anything in their path with little effort
  • Sturdy 8-feet long cord
  • 15-piece kit included
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Limited to 110 Volt outlets so no joy for international buyers
  • Requires more cleaning during use
  • Gets hot when used for longer periods of time
  • Blade head is not adjustable


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Pros and Cons of Corded Beard Trimmers


Most of the users who prefer corded beard trimmers had a bad experience with the cordless variants or were skeptical about their performance figures since they’re only using battery power as an energy source. This is debunked by the fact that both kinds of trimmers perform identical and battery use is the only thing that differentiates them. However, corded models do have some other major advantages.


Having a constant power current being fed to the motor allows for a more reliable performance found in the corded trimmers. This is what most of the customers desire – a steady and a reliable trim every time. However, there are corded beard trimmer models which come with a detachable cable and yet they perform absolutely the same no matter the power source. Being able to plug it in and simply stow it away after you’re done is another neat trick the corded models offer. It brings along a peace of mind.


What is not so great about them is the fact that there is a very good chance that the power cable will get in your way during your grooming sessions. Some manufacturers use tangle free cables which make life easier for tidy packers and make life worse for those who need trimming precision which is hindered by a stiff power cord. Most of the users live with this and ignore it. Others finally give up after plenty of annoying interruptions of their trimming and they simply go out and buy cordless models.


Everyone deciding between corded and cordless trimmers should also reconsider the fact that they will be limited to use them in a space where the nearest power outlet is. If you want complete movement freedom than you can rest assured that the corded models are not the best choice for your beard grooming requirements. If you do not care about precision trimming and styling with more movement freedom then they’re the right choice for you.

Our Verdict: Which One We Liked The Most?

After doing some extensive testing and living with all these fine corded beard trimmers, our choice for the best one goes to the Wahl Professional Peanut clipper/trimmer.

Our staff was equally impressed by the build quality as well as with the great performance this little device packs. It offers most of the features that some of the more expensive models have while also including accessories not found even at the higher price range. Using it was a pleasure and there were no uncomfortable experiences during our testing. It simply glided across the skin surface and removed hair with equal precision and exact trim no matter the length or thickness of the hairs. The little trimmer packs a powerful motor which is paired with some extremely sharp blades that make every grooming session an easy affair.

Do note that this trimmer isn’t perfect and the only thing that prevents it to be a complete product may be the medium loudness noise it makes. To some, this won’t be much of an issue but those who prefer quieter grooming sessions may want to look elsewhere.

If you manage to get over that small nitpick, you will own one of the best beard trimmers available on the market and at a very affordable price tag.