Best Safety Razor

6 Best Safety Razor For A Perfect & Clean Shave

Whether you are donning a clean-shaven face or a gorgeous beard, you need to have a good razor to keep it looking attractive. While there are many great options out there, along with some not so great ones, safety razors can be the perfect addition to your grooming kit.

In order to have a satisfying experience with your new razor, it is essential to consider several factors before you make a purchase. Here are six things to think about:

1. Price

You need to know how much cash you have to invest in a new safety razor. Although newbies might be tempted to buy the cheapest razor on the market, this would be a mistake. As with most things, you get what you pay for when buying a safety razor. Just because you can get a razor for less than ten bucks doesn’t mean that you should.

At the upper end of the market prices can exceed $200. If you are new to safety razors or don’t have that much dough to spend, you can find several outstanding models at more affordable price points. Purchase the best that you can.

2. Double-Edge

Most men are accustomed to shaving with a single-edge razor. However, the double-edge design of safety razors allows users to shave with either side of the device. You’ll love how this can shave some time from your grooming routine, no pun intended!

3. Handle

The handles come in various lengths, so you will need to determine which will be most comfortable to use. Some guys with larger hands prefer a long handle while others find them cumbersome. To help you figure this out, measure your current razor handle. If it fits your hand perfectly, you already know the exact length you want. If not, you can easily size up or down from there.

4. Weight

Some men have difficulty maneuvering lightweight razors while others dislike holding the heavier models. Choose according to your preferences.

5. Design

Designs are categorized by the number of pieces, which range from one to three. Two-piece designs are generally easier to use on wet hair, while the three-piece razors are the most popular.

6. Adjustable Or Fixed Blade

Though most models don’t allow you to adjust the blade exposure, a few newer ones do.

Now, check out this introduction to six fantastic safety razors that you can use to get that smooth, close shave that you have been longing for:


For more than three decades Merkur has been honing their skills at making the best razors on the market. Though the price might be daunting, this adjustable safety razor has the features to justify the expense. Besides, once you have the perfect razor, you don’t have to worry about buying more!


  • Excellent craftsmanship from Solingen, Germany
  • Extended handle for improved grip
  • Balanced Weight for ease of use
  • Attractive design with your choice of three finishes, including gold-plated chrome,
  • Six settings


  • Difficult to shave around mouth and nose due to large head
  • Price

Although most adjustable razors on the market are relatively new, Merkur has been perfecting theirs since their beginning. This means that you can trust the blade exposure settings to provide the shaving option you desire, whether the ultra-close or the gentler one.

It is hard to go wrong with this high-quality adjustable safety razor!


Vikings Blade has been serving clients in Australia for more than 30 years with high-quality items like this razor. This brand has earned a great reputation at home and abroad thanks to their attention to detail and affordable prices. The butterfly head is a fantastic feature that allows you to quickly and easily change out the razor blades.


  • Affordable
  • Works well for men with sensitive skin
  • Small shaving head is easy to maneuver around mouth and nose
  • Knurled handle designed for excellent grip, even when wet
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Comes with a travel case
  • Micro-comb feature to minimize beginner errors


  • Short handle
  • May take longer to shave due to smaller head


Well-reputed manufacturer Muhle offers the Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor for experienced shavers. Though definitely not a choice for men new to the world of safety razors, “The Beast” is great for those who know how to maneuver this style of razor.

You can choose from three different designs for your R41. This gives every man the opportunity to find the perfect fit with this nice razor. The Twist has a long handle, which is great for men with larger hands. In addition to this and the traditional three-piece design, the Grande has interchangeable handle options so you can find what is most comfortable without buying several razors.


  • Smooth, close shave
  • Design options
  • Chrome Plating
  • German-based business


  • Can be difficult for novices


Based in England, Edwin Jagger produces several types of razors, including safety razors. Unlike some larger companies, Edwin Jagger is owned and operated by a family rather than a corporation. The DE89LBL is an excellent model offered by the Sheffield manufacturer.


  • Solid, well-designed build
  • Comfortable balance
  • Chrome finish
  • Works well for men with sensitive skin or who are prone to breakouts and rashes
  • Close shave to reduce ingrown hair incidents
  • Handle constructed of tubular brass
  • Durable
  • Reputable manufacturer


  • Short handle


The Seki Edge Feather is an incredible representation of what money can buy. Although more expensive than most other razors, this offering from Japanese-based company Seki is well worth every cent! Whether you are new to safety razors or are looking to upgrade from your current shaver, this model is worth looking at.


  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Novice-friendly
  • Close shave
  • Precision construction for better shaving experience
  • Grooved handle to ensure complete control
  • Reduces irritation


  • Price
  • Short handle according to some, not all, men

Though the Seki razor might sound similar to others on the market, it is important to understand the special blades offered with it. Not only does Japan have some of the finest swords in the world, the Feather blades offered by Seki are one of the best razor blades you can find. These super sharp blades create a smooth, close shave that you will be proud to show off.


Rounding out this list of safety razors is the Parker 98R, which provides a great shave and is easy to clean. Incredibly durable, the pieces are easy to replace should one break or malfunction. The high-quality construction and solid reputation make this a great choice for many men.

Guys who don’t like small or lightweight razors are sure to love this particular model, which weighs more than four ounces. The handle is longer as well. Many men with large hands find the size, shape, and weight of the Parker 98R to fit perfectly.


  • Easy cleanup
  • Long handle with deep knurls
  • Balanced, heavy weight for ideal balance
  • Durable


  • Might be difficult for men with very small hands to hold and maneuver comfortably
  • Finish has a mediocre appearance

Anyone of these six razors can be an excellent addition to your grooming kit. Consider the factors mentioned at the beginning of this article to help you choose the perfect razor for you to buy! You can shop these amazing products from