Wahl Beard Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer #9918-6171
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Price

We tested one of the most sought after cordless trimmer models manufactured by Wahl company. It is currently one of the bestselling grooming devices on the market. We just had to see for ourselves why that is so. The Wahl model no. 9918-6171 can be found at an attractive price of around 25 USD and it comes with many attachments included in the package.


Those many attachments we’ve mentioned include a stubble guide, medium – 1/8 inch, full-guide – 3/16 inch and a 6-position adjustable guide comb. Wahl even included a useful carry zip-up bag too. We have to point out that the attachment holders seem very fragile and do not instil too much confidence. We didn’t manage to break them during frequent swaps however we would advise users to handle them with care. The included 3-year limited warranty gives a certain peace of mind for the durability of the included parts and accessories.

We are very pleased with its decent build quality and find the matte steel finish paint on the plastic body quite appealing and professional looking. Ergonomics are excellent thanks to fluid curves design which allows easy and a firm grip during use. The rubber for the grip feels great in the hand and prevents any accidental slips.

When it comes to cordless operation, Wahl promises up to 2 months of time between recharging. During our testing, we had no need for additional recharging after the initial first one so their claim seems to be correct. We assume that the charging time can be a bit longer since the unit offers such a good battery autonomy. We also find no reason to worry about the battery charge level since this model can operate as a corded trimmer as well. This is a big plus compared to other models we tested that have to be left to charge on a cradle.

A standout feature of this model certainly is its dual mode function enabling both cordless and corded operation. It can be used freely using only battery power and can also work as a corded trimmer while it is recharging.


The first thing we noticed when we first started our unit was the amount of noise it makes. This model is very loud. Those uncomfortable with higher volumes of noise should definitely avoid this product. We assume that the increased noise is coming from a high-powered motor. We found it to be powerful enough although the lower quality blades let it down. Multiple passes over the denser hair areas were necessary to get the clean cut or trim. The blades are sharp enough although the spacing between them is problematic. Those looking for a good stubble trim will not be pleased with this model at all.


We must say that we are very disappointed with this model made by Wahl. It is unusual to see such a low-quality product coming from a manufacturer with a reputation for making high-quality grooming devices. Overall, we were unhappy with the low performing blade head advertised as being very sharp and the extremely loud motor which is crippled with a poorly designed blade spacing.

We certainly cannot recommend this hybrid beard trimmer model and are saddened that its quality is affected by a low-price tag. To make matters worse, there are cheaper models available from different manufacturers which offer great quality and come with a bigger set of included accessories at a lower price than this model.

Wahl Beard Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer #9918-6171
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Price


  • Decent build quality and great ergonomics
  • Powerful motor
  • Nice set of included accessories
  • High carbon steel blades
  • Great battery endurance
  • Can be used as both cordless and corded
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Very loud during use
  • Not so great trimming performance
  • Fragile attachment holders


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Pros and Cons of Cordless Beard Trimmers


It all comes down to your habits when choosing whether you require portability of a cordless or the practicality of the corded beard trimmers. Say you need a quick trim while you’re out or perhaps you like to carry your grooming kit with you at all times when out of the house. Then the cordless variants are the best choice for you. They allow almost identical power spec as their corded counterparts and give more freedom of movement when you need precise detailing work done on your facial hair.


Most of the cordless models come with plenty of battery endurance and they will easily last you for a decent number of shaving or trimming sessions. That is if your average grooming time is somewhere around 15 minutes. Even then, they require small amounts of time to get fully recharged so it all depends on your lifestyle and you daily routine.


The not so good side of owning a cordless beard trimmer is that you have to monitor the battery charge level if you tend not to leave it on the charging dock or cradle. It can be very frustrating to find out that the battery is empty exactly when you’re in a hurry to get a quick trim. Many models offer the possibility to be attached to the charging cord to recharge the battery and be used at the same time. Some models will not provide enough power for such use and if your cordless trimmer comes with a charging dock or a cradle then you will need to leave it there constantly after you finish using it.


When it comes to the strength of the motors they are virtually the same spec as their corded counterparts. We feel that the increased freedom of movement and the added portability at the same price makes cordless beard trimmers an excellent choice.

What to Look for When Choosing Cordless Trimmer

Before deciding to buy your new cordless facial hair grooming device there are certain things that you should avoid. This guide will save you the headaches from making the wrong choice.

Choose the models with good battery endurance and reasonable charging times. That’s right. You do not want to buy trimmers that do not last long without power and at the same time need more than 10 hours to recharge the battery back to 100 percent. Choose models which can be recharged and used at the same time. They will save you from frustration each time you might forget to recharge it after use. Avoid models that lose power in the combined recharge/use mode.

Because you will be using it most of the time of the cord, make sure that the model you’ve chosen has enough power.

Choosing a device with a powerful motor will ensure that you get a perfect trim since most of the complaints about the cordless hair and beard trimmers come from people who used models with weaker motors which are more energy efficient and designed for a longer battery life.

With the recent advances in the battery technology, your device doesn’t need a low power motor to work efficiently.

Make sure to read users opinions too to get a good sense of their experience with the model you are interested in.

Since the cordless models perform identical as the corded ones, you will surely enjoy the added portability of your new grooming device.

Our Verdict: Which One We Liked the Most?

Our choice of the best cordless beard trimmer comes down to the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 model. During our testing, we found it to offer great quality and a tough to beat feature set at the current asking price. In our opinion, this model performed so well and completed every trimming session effortlessly that we were confused about how can such a great all-rounder product come at an affordable price.

The most surprising fact was that we underestimated Philips seeing how some of the more well-known manufacturers were among the other competing models that we tested. Their products have great features too, however, they are more expensive than the Philips model and some of them do not offer the same generous level of included equipment.

The Philips 3100 model proved to be the most popular choice among plenty of users and seeing how much overwhelmingly positive feedback they give about it – it is well deserved. The endurance and longevity scores are rated with high marks too. The self-sharpening blades are a rare feature found in such a low-price product and we commend Philips for including it as standard. This model comes highly recommended for being the best performance for the money cordless trimmer currently available.